Çiçek Buris established in 1970 is a vertical towel and bathrobe manufacturing facility. It is operating at two different sites with a total 40.000 square meter covered. Our company is active in all stages of production including preparatory yarn, weaving, dyeing, treatment and confection departments. Drawing on its over 30 years of experience, quality and service have been the most important principles of Çiçek Buris. Special attention is given to care and capacitating our employees.The strength of a company is in the vision of its team. Çiçek Buris embraces this with the knowledge that our customers share in our goal.With its forward looking philosophy and emphasis on quality Çiçek Buris has recently obtained BSCI certification and has also the OEKO TEX Standard 100 Certificate for complying with environmental regulations. Çiçek Buris has an advanced quality assurance team that ensures both a successful production process and a fast and efficient delivery service. Interested customers are welcome to visit our factories and take a view of the wide colourful product range.



We consider the quality as process of continuous improvement and continuity should be shown instead of a target required to reach. In this context, we are continuing to invest to our employees, all process in our company and to   the development of our machines & equipment. With the sense of responsibility towards society and our employees and towards the environment, the quality policy of our company aimed to meet our customer’s expectations is; 

To develop and ensure the costumer satisfaction with our production quality, 

To ensure the participation of everyone to our continuous development with our increasingly motivated employees who have increasing success perseverance, 

To create a sense of quality for primarily management department  and then for all of our employees by  taking  culture and philosophy  of quality  as a basic starting point  rather than   consider  as a standard approach and by being attentive to  listen to our employees’  ideas.  

To increase our productivity by working in mutual cooperation and trust with our suppliers, 

To improve all process about business insurance and health , create a safe and healthy working environment ,to follow the international  instructions and  standards and  to  abide by international laws , to hedge all risks threat the  business safe and health   by preplanning, 

To minimize, as far as possible, all negative impacts to the environment in overall activities, 

To be a survived company in the conditions of competition by enhancing, developing and diversifying incessantly our activities in keeping with the needs and expectation of economical and social changes.



Our products are generally made of 100 % cotton ranging from jacquard woven, embroidered or plain towels to bathrobes with superior quality designed to meet diverse market demands. Our products have won favour as being the most tenderous on your skin. At the same time they provide the luxurious look that you have always searched for.